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To see the more than 1400 US patents we have gotten for clients since our firm began in July 1998 (and some patents before July 1998 and some patent publications – over 2100 in all), click here: GSN patents since 1998

Types of patents

We obtain utility, design, and plant patents for our clients.

We help clients get patents related to the following industries (and many others):
oil field (upstream and downstream, onshore and offshore, exploration, production, downhole), medical, pharmaceutical, electrical, electronic, industrial, heavy equipment, aerospace, defense, rocket science, medical device, Mardi Gras, environmental, marine, bulk storage, prosthetics, orthopedics, composites, shrimp peeling, food, hearing aid, laboratory testing, industrial polymer monitoring, carbon black, hunting, fishing, construction, welding, rupture disc, remediation, ophthalmology, marine vessel, hyperbaric, specialty chemical manufacturing, computer software, hovercraft, jewelry, and shoe.

We help clients get patents of the following types:
mechanical, chemical, electrical, computer software, biotech, design, and plant.

Geographic distribution of our clients

During the last period we reviewed for such data, the following percentages apply to US patents we obtained for our clients:
about 70% are for inventors in Louisiana;
about 25% are for inventors in the New Orleans area;
about 16% are for inventors in New Orleans;
about 25% are for US inventors not in Louisiana; and
about 5% are for inventors overseas.

In 1994 Seth Nehrbass helped his client obtain the first US plant patent on a banana plant.