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Our Firm

We are a patent law firm composed entirely of registered patent attorneys. We currently have 7 patent attorneys with education and training in civil engineering, chemistry, physics, neurology, genetics, biology, and biomedical engineering.

We help clients in all businesses and industries obtain patents in the US and throughout the world on inventions, register trademarks and copyrights, and inventory, license, and litigate patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

We have obtained more patents (over 1400 US patents) for more clients in more places than any other patent law firm in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas.  To see the US patents we have gotten for clients since our firm began in July 1998, click here: GSN patents since 1998

We are the largest patent law firm in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas, whether one counts the number of patent attorneys or the number of US patents obtained for clients.

We obtain utility, design, and plant patents for our clients.

We help clients get patents related to the following industries (and many others):
oil field (upstream and downstream, onshore and offshore, exploration, production, downhole), medical, pharmaceutical, electrical, electronic, industrial, heavy equipment, aerospace, defense, rocket science, medical device, Mardi Gras, environmental, marine, bulk storage, prosthetics, orthopedics, composites, shrimp peeling, food, hearing aid, laboratory testing, industrial polymer monitoring, carbon black, hunting, fishing, construction, welding, rupture disc, remediation, ophthalmology, marine vessel, hyperbaric, specialty chemical manufacturing, computer software, hovercraft, jewelry, and shoe.

We help clients get patents of the following types:
mechanical, chemical, electrical, computer software, biotech, design, and plant.

Our wealth of experience pays dividends for our clients.

Chuck Garvey has been a patent attorney since 1975, working at Ethyl Corporation and various patent law firms before founding GARVEY, SMITH & NEHRBASS, L.L.C. on 1 July 1998 with Greg Smith and Seth Nehrbass.   Greg Smith has been a patent attorney since 1979, working at various patent law firms before founding our firm.  While Seth Nehrbass did not become a patent attorney until 1990, his career in patent law began in 1982 when he worked as a patent examiner examining patent applications on semiconductor devices and electrolytic capacitors at the US Patent and Trademark Office. Vanessa D’Souza joined our firm in 2007 as a law clerk and became an attorney and patent attorney soon after. Julia FitzPatrick starting her legal career as a paralegal in June 2000, clerked for a state appeals court judge, and worked for various law firms in Louisiana before joining us in 2011 to help when Vanessa went on maternity leave.  Julie Rabalais Chauvin worked on a hip implant while in college and worked as a Research Specialist sequencing DNA. She became a patent attorney in 2011 and joined us in 2014. Fabian Nehrbass joined our firm in 2018 and became a patent attorney after practicing in civil defense litigation.

Our 7 patent attorneys have over 160 years of combined intellectual property law experience. Our clients have made hundreds of millions of dollars on inventions patented by our law firm.